Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Fav Music Videos of 2011

I love all of these videos, im sure i have forgotten 1 or 2.
In no particular order:

Woodkid - Iron
Directed by Yoann Lemoine

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls
Directed by James Murphy & Spike Jonze

Battles - My Machines
Directed by Daniels

Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math
Directed by Daniels

Dels - Shapeshift
Directed by US

Wiley - Numbers in Action
Directed by US

Battles - Ice cream
Directed by Canada

Frank Ocean - Novacane
Directed by Nabil Elderkin

Beyonce - Countdown
Directed by Adria Petty

Cults - Go Outside
Directed by Isaiah Seret

Metronomy - The Bay
Directed by David Wilson

Crystal Fighters - Champion Sound
Directed by Ben & Lewis

Sigma - Night and Day
Directed by Sam Hurlock

KIT - Out of Ruins
Directed by Steven Andrew Garcia

Liars - Scissor
Directed by Andy Bruntel

Is Tropical - The Greeks
Directed by MEGAFORCE
Animated by Machine Molle

TV On The Radio - You
Directed by Barney Clay

Jay-z & Kanye West- Otis
Directed by Spike Jonze

No Age - Fever Dreaming
Directed by Patrick Daughters

Tyler The Creator - Yonkers
Directed by Tyler

Tom Vek - Aroused
Directed by Saam Farahmand

Mystery Jets - Show Me The Light
Directed by Tell No One

Beastie Boys - Fight for Your Right (revisited)
Directed by Adam Yauch (MCA)

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Alex Clare

This video was shot, directed, cut and animated by myself and my partner Robin in around 10 days (after work hours), it was the best/worse 10 days of the year.

This photo is from when the crew found a tree that had a vagina, this single vagina caused a 7 hour delay to the shoot.

Sunday, 20 February 2011


My latest venture into the world of music, some party electro hip pop.


Monday, 10 January 2011

Blood Red Shoes

I dont have a tumblr or a flickr account or any other vowel lazy picture websites. This is where I upload my pictures, here are four of them, each of which contain a single member of Blood Red Shoes but never both members of Blood Red Shoes.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Minor Sick- Sad Struggle

Minor Sick- Sad Struggle from Rob Brandon on Vimeo.

I have a temporary new flat mate, his name is Robin, he's alright but his incessant whinging about everything is probably gonna start to take its toll pretty soon.
He's an editor too. He's not as good as me but he knows how to use the burn film effect in AE so that makes him bearable.
There were some huge plans this weekend, hes just moved to the country and hasn't seen any of it yet, so I planned to take him to Vienna for a superhero themed/music video launch/birthday party. Sounds flipping awesome....

But we didn't go, no excuses really. Soz Corinna.

Saturday came, Mato, (the slightly more social one in the flat) enters my room in the early hours with "Im leaving now, you coming?", I grumble some lame excuse about not having a costume or not being able to afford the train fare and so he leaves without me. I then find myself spending 4 hours on youtube watching racist people fight on subways and talkshows.

By the end of the third youtube hour I start to feel a little pathetic and decide that if im not going to be remotely social this weekend I should at least be a little creative.

Last week I received a newly released album called 'Fremdscham In Reality' by a hip hop/glitch/free jazz artist called Minor Sick.

Its a bit hardcore in places. Im too simple to deal with proper messed time signatures and anything more technically advanced than 'Single ladies- Beyonce'
But the album is drenched in huge beats that sound crisper than a burns victim munching down on a tube of paprika pringles.

So, myself and Robin decide its important to have something to show for the weekend. We start by taking a few long exposure shots of me frantically shaking in the dark, naked.
We end with both of us sitting in silence, either end of the room, throwing USB sticks at eachother.

How is the video? I cant tell, its cut so fast i cant really see anything. Did we waste the weekend? probably.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Jonathan Axelsson Skate Video

Hello to the lovely few that occasionally read my blog, Some friends of mine have setup a little social networking site for filmmakers, Its called Six Shooter Films (every month 3 weeks to make a film consisting of only 6 camera setups), I think its a really great idea, its such a simple task and it really is only as difficult as you want it to be.
If you fancy yourself as a musician or a photographer or a storyteller or a poet then this is a great way to either show off your existing skills or to get started.


The due date is the 21st of every month and the film should be somewhere around 30 seconds to a minute long.

My film was shot using the Canon 7D and edited using Final Cut Pro 7 and CS5 as part of SixShooterFilms,
The skater is Jonathan Axelsson, who didn't even really know i was filming, therefore wasn't trying his best, but hes still pretty dope. So im looking forward to hopefully shooting some more with him.

Anyway, heres the video, enjoy:

Jonathan Axelsson from Rob Brandon on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My Friends Moustache...

...its a proper good one: